Poverty Alleviation through Healthcare Benefits People's Livelihood and Free Medical Consultation Warms People's Heart


Poverty alleviation through healthcare is an important link in solving poverty, which is the most difficult part of poverty alleviation. Among the causes of extreme poverty, poverty or recurrence of poverty caused by illness is the tough nut to crack. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "Poverty or recurrence of poverty caused by illness is a tough issue in our effort for poverty alleviation. That is, we shall adjust and optimize our current policies for targeted poverty alleviation". Implementing poverty alleviation through healthcare program is a significant measure that implements the basic strategy of targeted poverty alleviation and eradication proposed by the Central Party and Government to implement policies according to different regions and different people, carry out customized treatment for different diseases and practically improve the pertinence and effectiveness of poverty alleviation through healthcare.

Poverty-stricken people shall be correctly identified before carrying out poverty alleviation, so as to achieve the goal of implementing polices based on households and people.Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc selected three offices of SPDA in Guoke Village, Gulu Town, Naqu County, Naqu City, and Zacun Village, Zhaxizong Township, Lhatse County, Shigatse City where the District SFDA is located, as well as Chacang village, Coqên County, Ngari Prefecture to conduct field investigation and jointly determine the support plan and program with the village office personnel and Village Committees according to the causes of poverty in June 2018.In July and August 2018, Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc successively accomplished the targeted poverty alleviation work at Zacun Village and Guoke Village to provide valuable experience for the subsequent targeted poverty alleviation.

On August 24, 2018, Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc came to the third destination of targeted poverty alleviation — Chacang Villag, which is located in the southwest of Coqên County at an altitude over 4,900 meters above sea level and 98 kilometers away from Coqên County. This administrative village is divided into three major groups with a distance about 20 kilometers in between. Population there is relatively dispersed. In this village, there are no roads and electricity supply. The villagers mainly rely on tractors and motorcycles to travel or transport goods and materials. They only have solar batteries to meet the basic lighting needs. People and animals have difficulty in acquiring drinking water. There are totally 111 households and 487 people in the whole village, among them 280 people can work; 22 households and 96 people are poverty-stricken; 6 households and 22 people live on minimum subsistence; 11 households and 14 people enjoy five guarantees. The livestock population is 16,883, including 2,157 yaks, 9,979 sheep, 4,687 goats and 60 horses. The villagers’ incomes only come from the balance compensation funds of grass and livestock, ecological job allowance, poverty-stricken household allowance for people without labor capacity and other allowance policies. Severe natural conditions and scanty income from animal husbandry are the main causes of poverty.

High altitude and harsh natural conditions not only constrain the industrial development projects, causing Chacang Village to be an extreme poverty-stricken village, but also increase the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, rheumatic arthritis, cataract and gastrointestinal disease, accompanied with higher number of disabled people who are suffered from congenital heart disease, deafness and dumbness, retardation, cerebral palsy, hunchback, etc.The village is short of medical personnel, medical facilities and equipment, medicines, etc. There are only three village doctors with low medical qualification. By communicating with relevant personnel of the village office, the company learned that local people mainly live by livestock farming and live dispersedly. According to the characteristics of Chacang Village, Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc made a plan to implement poverty alleviation through healthcare.


The support plan developed by Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc is as follows:

a. Offer technical training for 2 - 3 herdsmen to help them find jobs;

b. Offer drugs for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, rheumatic arthritis, cataracts and gastrointestinal diseases;

c. Offer goggles, hoods and other equipment;


The poverty alleviation through healthcare carried out by Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc for Chacang Village reflects the strategy of adjusting measures to suit local conditions, scientific planning, customized guidance and making the best use of the circumstances in the cause of poverty alleviation. In order to respond to the call of the nation for targeted poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation through healthcare, embody the corporate vision of helping patients recover from diseases and always safeguarding people's health, as well as promote corporate culture, undertake the important social responsibility of the company, Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc takes "continue to provide drugs with high quality, reasonable prices and significant clinical values" as its corporate mission and continues to support the important national strategy of targeted poverty alleviation, follow up important measures of poverty alleviation through healthcare and contribute to the health of the people.

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